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screenshot of the instagramm account @eva-stories

Focus Remembering the Shoah

Éva on Insta

Holocaust Remembrance 2.0

Kata Bohus ·

A recent Instagramm project called 'eva-stories', in which a young girl (played by an actress) 'experiences' the Holocaust and documents it on her Insta account received much international attention, both positive and negative. Going beyond the existing critique, the article analyses the stories themselves, their uses of aesthetics as well as the accuracy of their historical representations of wartime Hungary. Based on this analysis, it discusses broader issues of Holocaust education in an age of digitalized communication.

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the 'Peoples Memorial'

Debating 20th Century History

Between a National and a Global Mnemonic Agenda

Memory Activism Around the Kurapaty Memorial Site in Belarus

Nelly Bekus ·

Kurapaty, the site of Stalin-era mass executions on the outskirts of Minsk, has long been a much contested space where memories and narratives of the Soviet past clashed. Against the backdrop of a national government that blocks any more critical engagement with the Soviet history of mass crimes, the article explores the way in which Kurapaty has been the birth place of various oppositional groups and memory activists who pursue rather different mnemonic agendas.

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teaching material displayed during the 2018 Summer Institute

Politics of History

Hide and Seek with History

Holocaust Teaching at Polish Schools

Lidia Zessin-Jurek ·

Teaching about the Holocaust in Poland has become more difficult. Based on interactions with Polish teachers and on a review of the field of Holocaust education in Poland as it evolved over the past decades, the article discusses and comments on the current situation where teachers are faced with curriculum changes, public campaigns against a "pedagogy of shame" and multiple pressures to teach a more ‘patriotic’ history at school.

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