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The Kolleg regularly organizes conferences and workshops. Our focal point of the year is the Annual Conference, usually held in Jena, which assembles a large group of international scholars. Smaller workshops and scholarly conferences organised jointly with partner institutions are held both in Jena and elsewhere. As a matter of course, the Kolleg and its community are present at international gatherings such as ASEEES conventions or the Deutsche Historikertag.

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Workshop: Commodification of History

The Past as Source of Entertainment and Commerce

14. - 15. September 2018
Venue: DOX Centre for Contemporary Art, Poupetova 1, Prague 7
Organizer: Imre Kertész Kolleg, USTR Prague

In a globalizing world, references to the past as a way of identity formation have become more and more important. Even though the “production” of history is the major field of academic historiography, the past is addressed in many popular contexts that are consumed and appropriated by immense numbers of people. Though the forms in which history is brought to life differ widely, most of them have one feature in common: they promise the distribution of knowledge via entertainment and this is what...

Annual Conference 2018

Revolution from Within. Experts, Managers and Technocrats in the Long Transformation of 1989

14. - 15. June 2018
Venue: Rosensäle, Fridrich-Schiller-Universität Jena, Fürstengraben 12, 07743 Jena

"The expression of truth is losing its ethical impact and becoming no more than a historical fact that arouses interest but not enthusiasm. And the experts are better informed and are able to quote facts more accurately than the dissidents" wrote Jiřina Šiklová, a Czech dissident sociologist, in January 1990. Already a few months earlier she had predicted that it would be the professionals and experts from the „grey zone“ between official Party structures and dissident circles, who would...

Demokratieverachtung: Autoritäre Dynamiken in der Zwischenkriegszeit und in der Gegenwart

Ein Symposion des Jena Center Geschichte des 20. Jahrhunderts und des Imre Kertész Kollegs Jena

25. - 27. January 2018
Venue: Rosensäle der Friedrich-Schiller-Universität, Fürstengraben 27, Jena

Europa und die USA sehen sich seit einiger Zeit mit Nationalismus und Rechtspopulismus konfrontiert. Diese Wiederkehr autoritärer Sehnsüchte lenkt den Blick fast zwangsläufig zurück in die Zwischenkriegszeit, in der die repräsentative Demokratie ihre bis dato größte Krise erlebte - und nicht nur in Deutschland scheiterte.
Ausgehend von der nationalsozialistischen "Machtergreifung" soll die Geschichte autoritärer Bewegungen und Regime in der Zeit nach dem Ersten Weltkrieg neu beleuchtet werden....

Plakat Workshop Demokratieverachtung

The Ukrainian Experiment: State-Building in Practices (1917-1922)

Workshop of LabEx-EHNE Paris, the GHI in Paris and the Imre Kertész Kolleg Jena

11. - 12. December 2017
Venue: Institut historique allemand /8, rue du Parc-Royal/ 75003 Paris

The Ukrainian experiment between 1917 and 1922 is a paramount example of state-building in practices under the conditions of war and civil war. It produced a variety of ephemeral state structures: an « All-Ukrainian » Central Council ( Rada), a People’s Republic, a People’s Republi cof Soviets, a Ukrainian Puppet State (Hetmanate) at the mercy of the Central Powers, and a Ukrainian government-in-exile in Paris. In the end, Warsaw and Moscow bluntly divided Ukraine between them, incorporating the...

workshop poster The Ukrainian Experiment