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Institute of National Rememberance (IPN), Warsaw

Politics of History

The Polish ‘Holocaust Law’ revisited

The Devastating Effects of Prejudice-Mongering

Marta Bucholc, Maciej Komornik ·

One year after the Polish parliament adopted an amendment that would criminalize certain statements about Polish involvement in the Holocaust, this article revisits both the original amendment and the political developments since. It argues that allthough the law was eventually changed to calm down concerns about freedom of speech, sanctions still exist and their longer-term effects on Polish society and public discourse are daunting.

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Tanks and Militia on the Magheru Boulevard in Bucharest, December 1989

Politics of History

The Trials of the Romanian Revolution

Raluca Grosescu ·

The bloody events of December 1989 remain a most contentiously debated issue of Romania’s recent history. Both historians and prosecutors have tried to shed light on what exactly happened and who was responsible for the violence that occurred after the dictator, Nicolae Ceauşescu, had been captured. The article discusses the most recent indictment against former president Ion Iliescu against the backdrop of previous trials and Romania’s broader efforts to come to terms with the revolution of 1989.

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Memorial plaque to General Storm/Generolas Vetra (Jonas Noreika)

Debating 20th century history

Between the Public and the Personal

A New Stage of Holocaust Memory in Lithuania

Violeta Davoliūtė ·

A recently published personal story by American-Lithuanian writer Silvia Foti about her grandfather's involvement in the Holocaust in Lithuania has raised critical questions in the Lithuanain public about who has the right and authority to pronounce judgement on the nation’s history. The article reviews this debate and discusses how intimate and self-critical stories like Foti's fit within the official narrative and public celebration of the heroic resistance nation in contemporary Lithuania.

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