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teaching material displayed during the 2018 Summer Institute

Politics of History

Hide and Seek with History

Holocaust Teaching at Polish Schools

Lidia Zessin-Jurek ·

Teaching about the Holocaust in Poland has become more difficult. Based on interactions with Polish teachers and on a review of the field of Holocaust education in Poland as it evolved over the past decades, the article discusses and comments on the current situation where teachers are faced with curriculum changes, public campaigns against a "pedagogy of shame" and multiple pressures to teach a more ‘patriotic’ history at school.

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The House of Fates in 2018

Debating 20th Century History

The Splendour and the Misery of the House of Fates

János Gadó ·

The ‘House of Fates’, the future Holocaust memorial museum in Budapest, stands empty. Efforts to realize this project have divided the Hungarian Jewish community and have been widely criticized as an attempt by the Orbán government to re-write the history of the Holocaust in Hungary. The article reconstructs the main trajectories of this highly politicized conflict by focusing on the key actors, their political manoeuvrings and motives in this ongoing power struggle over the representation of Hungary’s past.

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The former KGB headquarters on Brīvības street, Riga

Debating 20th century history

Delayed Truth

Latvia's Struggles with the Legacies of the KGB

Eva-Clarita Pettai ·

After years of political wrangling and public controversy, the Latvian parliament decided in fall 2018 to fully disclose the names of several thousand former KGB agents and informers. Ever since, the country has been plunged into a renewed confrontation with its recent past, all the more so as many well-known figures from Latvian cultural life appeared to have worked with the KGB. The article provides the political and legal background to the current debate and assesses the ongoing media engagement with the topic.

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