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'New Geography': US public watching new European maps

Exhibiting 20th century history

Architecture in the Service of the Nation

The Exhibition ‘Architecture of Independence in Central Europe’

Maciej Czerwiński ·

How were processes of nation state-building and modernization reflected in early 20th century archicture? This and other questions guided a recent exhibition at the International Cultural Centre in Krákow. In tracing the 'language of architecture' across the region, the exhibit provided an interesting and original contribution to understanding the fundamental changes that marked the beginning of modern Europe.

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Installation Freedom as Balancing Act, Vabamu

Exhibiting 20th Century History

A Museum of Memories

The New ‘Vabamu’ in Tallinn

Heiko Pääbo / Eva-Clarita Pettai ·

A new generation of historians and curators have taken over the former Museum of Occupations in Tallinn, Estonia. They renamed the museum and opened a permanent exhibition built less on historical facts than on 'fragments of memory'. Technologically savvy, it challenges not only previous ways of representing Estonia's history of occupations, but also more traditional modes of presenting history in the museum. How this is done and whether it is convincing is discussed in this article.

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Racism Exhibtion: Meta-reflections on how to display racism

Exhibiting 20th Century History

The German Hygiene Museum’s Exhibition ‘Racism. The Invention of Human Races’

Verena Meier ·

Against the backdrop of rampant racism and xenophobia in both public life and the social media, the 'Racism'-exhibition in Dresden came at the right time. It gave interesting insights into how 'race' as a category was invented as well as into the Hygiene Museum's own history in promoting racialized thinking. The article provides a critical review of the exhibition and its uses of media, interventions and other didactic tools in presenting a most sensitive issue.

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