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The 2019 Commemoration in Bleiburg

Debating 20th Century History

Commemorating Bleiburg

Croatia’s Struggle with Historical Revisionism

Ljiljana Radonić ·

Every year in May thousands of Croats gather in the small Austrian town of Bleiburg to commemorate the so called “Bleiburg tragedy” at the end of the Second World War. Considered by some as the 'biggest neo-Nazi meeting in Europe', this event has triggered considerable controversy, not least due to its political backing from among governing parties. The article provides the historical and memory political backdrop to these controversies sheding light on Croatia's struggle with historical revisionism.

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TV Series "Holocaust" dvd case & interview writing pad

Focus: Remembering the Shoah

Revisiting the TV-Series “Holocaust” Thirty Years On

Raphael Utz, Eva-Clarita Pettai (eds.) ·

In January 1979, the American mini-series Holocaust was first shown on West German television. With an audience of more than 20 million, it had a most profound effect on the German public. 40 years later, historians and journalists in Germany looked back and identified this moment as a turning point in German memory culture.

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Entrence to the Holocaust Museum Sered

Exhibiting 20th Century History, Focus: Remembering the Shoah

Only a Beginning

The Sered' Holocaust Museum in Slovakia

Monika Vrzgulová ·

The Sered' Holocaust Memorial Museum is the only one of its kind in Slovakia. Located on the original site of the former labour and concentration camp, it tells the story of persecution, exploitation and murder of Slovak Jews during the war. While recognizing the difficulties of presenting the history of the Holocaust in Slovakia, this review reveals many shortcomings in the current permanent exhibition, which misses the chance of truly informing its visitors and raising critical historical awareness.

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