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1968 Tanks roll into Prague

Debating 20th Century History

The Sound of Silence

How Czechs Commemorated the 50th Anniversary of the Prague Spring

Kristina Andelova · 30.10.2018

50 years after the 'Prague Spring' ended, Czech political leaders remain strangely silent in commemorative events. A gradual shift is taking place in the Czech national conversation about 1968, away from the strong anti-communist narrative of the first post-communist decades. However, the opportunity is missed to finally engage a wider public in discussing the political ideas and legacies of 1968 for the country today, leaving room for populists and illiberals to shape the narrative.

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Counter-demonstrations to students' protests now and then using the same slogan: 'Students get back to your studies'

Debating 20th Century Histroy

History and memory of 1968 in Poland

Debates around the 'Estranged' exhibition

Maria Kobielska · 28.09.2018

The latest temporary exhibition by the Museum Polin in Warsaw entitled 'Estranged. March ’68 and its Aftermath' has been controversially discussed in the Polish public. The article gives a brief review of the exhibition to then analyse the subsequent debates as they provide an insight into contemporary Polish culture of remembrance and into the particularly sensitive issue of Poland's postwar Jewish-Polish relations.

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The road from Sosnowiec to Warsaw symbolizing Gierek’s biography is decorated with old motorcycles

Exhibiting 20th century history

When Local Memory Confronts State Historical Policy

Staging Edward Gierek’s Life in Sosnowiec

Valentin Behr · 03.09.2018

The article reviews a recent temporary exhibition about former Polish Communist Party leader Edward Gierek in the small town of Sosnowiec and places it in the wider discourses on de-communization and on regional-vs-centralized historical narratives of the recent past.

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