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The road from Sosnowiec to Warsaw symbolizing Gierek’s biography is decorated with old motorcycles

Exhibiting 20th century history

When Local Memory Confronts State Historical Policy

Staging Edward Gierek’s Life in Sosnowiec

Valentin Behr · 03.09.2018

The article reviews a recent temporary exhibition about former Polish Communist Party leader Edward Gierek in the small town of Sosnowiec and places it in the wider discourses on de-communization and on regional-vs-centralized historical narratives of the recent past.

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Monument in memory of children murdered at Babi Yar

Debating 20th century history

At the Crossroads of "Memory Wars"

Recent Debates on the Babi Yar Holocaust Memorial Center

Alexandr Voronovici · 07.08.2018

When in 2016 the decision was made to create an international Babi Yar Holocaust Memorial Center in Kyiv, the plan received much support from government officials, including President Petro Poroshenko. Yet opposition emerged from both the Ukrainian Jewish community and nationally-minded Ukrainian historians and public institutions.

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Exhibiting 20th century history

Layered Spaces of Meaning

The Estonian National Museum

Kara Brown · 05. July 2018

The Estonian National Museum (ERM) is one of Europe’s youngest state museum buildings, and it has a (national) story to tell. The article analyses how through a deliberate use of space – from the historical significance of its site and its architectural design to the presentation of displays in the permanent exhibits – the museum projects an Estonian identity and serves the larger project of contemporary cultural production of the nation.

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