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Politics of History

Local memories dismantled

Reactions to de-communization in northern and western Poland

Nancy Waldmann · 23.07.2018

A new wave of de-communization has swept over Poland: streets and squares are re-named and monuments dismantled. In the cities and towns of northern and western Poland, that became Polish only after 1945, these measures are met with mixed feelings as they touch upon specific local memories of the post-war years. The article gives an insight into how local councils and citizens have struggled to comply with state history policy while also protect local historical identities.

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Debating 20th century history

Criminals, Martyrs or Saints?

Romania’s Prison Saints Debate Revisited

Monica Ciobanu · 19. Feb 2018

The historical role played by the Orthodox Church and individual priests as both conspirators with and opponents to Ceauşescu’s rule continues to be debated in Romania today. Recent developments appear to associate the Church with a controversial movement that advocates for the canonisation of former political prisoners of Orthodox faith, some of whom were members of the fascist Iron Guard movement of interwar Romania. The article provides background and assesses the debate that spans issues of historical justice, memory and religion.

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Exhibiting 20th century history

Layered Spaces of Meaning

The Estonian National Museum

Kara Brown · 05. July 2018

The Estonian National Museum (ERM) is one of Europe’s youngest state museum buildings, and it has a (national) story to tell. The article analyses how through a deliberate use of space – from the historical significance of its site and its architectural design to the presentation of displays in the permanent exhibits – the museum projects an Estonian identity and serves the larger project of contemporary cultural production of the nation.

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