Datum: 29. Mai 2017
Zeit: 11 Uhr - 13 Uhr c.t.
Ort: Am Planetarium 7, Seminarraum

Alexander Watson: The origins of 'total war' in the east and the siege of Przemysl in 1914-15

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Annual Conference 2017

Jena, June 8-9, 2017


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NEW PUBLICATION: On the Brink of the Cold War. Yugoslavia and the Civil War in Greece (1945-1949)

Milan Ristović

Filozofski fakultet Univerziteta u Beogradu, Belgrade, 2016
461 pages
ISBN: 978-86-6427-037-3
Price: $ 49,64

This monograph is a syntheis of a research based on the archival material of Yugoslav, Greek and British provenance and extensive literature written in several languages. In his theoretical introduction, Ristović examines conceptual differences in defining and exploring an internal conflict, i.e. the nature of a civil war.

Besides the situation on the ground and the relations between the Yugoslav authorities and Greek communists, Ristović dedicates part of his study to reviewing the civil war in Greece in the wider, European and global, context, giving a title to one of his chapters "´Truman´s Doctrine`, `Russian Baby´ and `British Child`." Ristović points out that apart from the interference of Great Britain and the Soviet Union, the situation on the ground was influenced by the proclamation of the Truma´s Doctrine in March 1947, which was followed by considerable American military and economic assistance to the official government in Athens.

A special part of the monograph is devoted to propaganda war waged between Yugoslavia and Greece, in magazines, on the radio, movies. This conflict activated the traditional stereotypes of the Balkan peoples about each other, and new ideological content, typical for the atmosphere of the Cold War ("monarchic-fascism", "Slavonic-communist danger" i.e.).

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NEW PUBLICATION: The Waffen-SS - A European History

(c) Oxford University Press 2016

Edited by Jochen Böhler and Robert Gerwarth

Oxford University Press, 2016
400 Pages, 20 black and white images
ISBN: 9780198790556
This is the first systematic pan-European study of the hundreds of thousands of non-Germans who fought — either voluntarily or under different kinds of pressures — for the Waffen-SS (or auxiliary police formations operating in the occupied East). Building on the findings of regional studies by other scholars — many of them included in this volume — The Waffen-SS aims to arrive at a fuller picture of those non-German citizens (from Eastern as well as Western Europe) who served under the SS flag.
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