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The Kolleg regularly organizes conferences and workshops. Our focal point of the year is the Annual Conference, usually held in Jena, which assembles a large group of international scholars. Smaller workshops and scholarly conferences organised jointly with partner institutions are held both in Jena and elsewhere. As a matter of course, the Kolleg and its community are present at international gatherings such as ASEEES conventions or the Deutsche Historikertag.

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Workshop “Hidden Figures”: The United Nations War Crimes Commission and the Codification of International Criminal Law

This workshop is part of the research project "Tribunale. Kriegsverbrechenprozesse im sozialistischen Jugoslawien", which is funded by the Deutsche Forschungemeinschaft (DFG).

20. - 21. February 2020
Venue: Staatsarchiv Ludwigsburg

organized by Dr Sabina Ferhadbegović (Imre Kertész Kolleg Jena); in cooperation with Professor Kerstin von Lingen, University of Vienna & Dr Julia Eichenberg, Humboldt University Berlin

“Crimes against peace” and “crimes against humanity” are undoubtedly two elements of crime, which have acquired enormous resonance in the legal and moral discussions in the aftermath of the WWII. They are often associated with the International Military Tribunal and the person of the American chief prosecutor at…