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Artwork by Anna Redko projected on a residential bloc in Minsk, 2020

Politics of History

Historical Memory and Symbolism in the Belarusian Protests

Nelly Bekus ·

What has been the role of historical symbols and images for both mobilizing anti-government protests in Belarus and coping with the state-inflicted violence against peaceful protesters? This is the main question guiding this exploration of the dynamics of memory-related images and symbols during the 2020 protests. It discusses the power of historical symbolism and its parallels in earlier revolutions in the region, yet also emphasises key differences in the Belarusian case.

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The Trianon (Összetartozás) memorial with view on to the Hungarian Parliament building

Politics of History

The Trianon Ramp and the Obstinate Memory of a Magyar Greater Hungary

Ágoston Berecz ·

A new Trianon monument has been inaugurated in August 2020 right opposite the parliament building in Budapest. Installed by government decree without much prior deliberation, the ‘memorial ramp’ reveals the current government’s flirtation with irredentist, 'Greater Hungary'-fantasies. While briefly reviewing public reactions to this new installation, the article's main focus is on the monument’s construction of a historical narrative of Hungary's pre-Trianon 'Golden age' and discussing it in its historical evolution.

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Covered Statue of Marshal Konev in August 2019

Debating 20th Century History

Monumental Conflict

Controversies Surrounding the Removal of the Marshal Konev Statue in Prague

Jakub Vrba ·

On 3 April 2020 the statue of former Soviet Army Marshal Ivan Stepanovich Konev was removed from its prominent location in downtown Prague. This radical act was preceded by years of public debate over wartime and postwar Czech history and the role of the Red Army in it. The article reviews these debates and discusses the reasons why controversy has flared up now and to what extent it is the result of changing narratives and shifting memory politcs in recent years.

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