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Child singer Sofiya Fes’kova against the backdrop of a stormy ocean in her 2020 performance of 'Bukhenval'dskii nabat'

Exhibiting 20th Century History

'Bukhenval'dskii nabat'

The Life and Transformation of a Peace-Song in Soviet and Post-Soviet Historical Culture

Gero Fedtke ·

For many decades Soviet and post-Soviet collective memory of the Second World War has been closely tied to the song 'Bukhenval'dskii nabat' (Alarm Bell of Buchenwald), performed at both official and private commemorations across the former Soviet Union. The article traces the origins of the song and critically discusses the various transformations it undertook from being an anti-nuclear peace song to becoming a central element of the antifascist 'Great Patriotic War'-memory.

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Babis File montage

Politics of History

Czech Prime Minister Implicated as Communist Secret Police Agent

Yet Nobody Cares

Veronika Pehe ·

In April 2021 a Czech researcher stumbled over a file card that identified Prime Minister Andrej Babis as a former agent of the StB. This new piece of evidence, however, was barely discussed in the Czech public. The article tries to explain this non-existing debate about the Prime Minister’s StB past and finds answers in the changing significance of anti-communism as a driving force of Czech public debate and memory politics.

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top results of the hashtag "90s" on TikTok

Debating 20th Century History


Memories of the First Post-Soviet Decade in Russia on Instagram and TikTok

Mykola Makhortykh ·

Thirty years have passed since the dissolution of the Soviet Union. In Russia's public sphere today, the decade that followed is remembered with ambivalence while politically, negative narratives of the 'rowdy ninetees' dominate. The article examines how the ninetees are being represented on social media platforms, in particular on TikTok and Instagram, and to what extent the platform-generated grassroot memory practices differ from, or even oppose the official narrative about this period.

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