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Bookcover Besuch bei Goethe. Aus dem Tagebuch der Großherzogin Maria Pavlovna

Raphael Utz (ed.)

Besuch bei Goethe

Aus dem Tagebuch der Großherzogin Maria Pavlovna

Wilhelm Fink Verlag
ISBN 987-7705-5018-0
München 2011
184 S., paperback

A fascinating picture of the elderly Goethe between 1829 and 1832 thus emerges, showing his enjoyment of the confidential conversations with the grand duchess, whom he viewed as a guardian of his legacy. The major upheavals of the times, such as the French Revolution of 1830 and the Polish Uprising of 1830-31, left their mark on the conversations in his home at Frauenplan in Weimar, as did literary, scholarly, and artistic objects, making them a key document of the epochal change around 1830."