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Bookcover Between Enlightened Religion and Modern Catastrophe

Laczó Ferenc

Felvilágosult vallás és modern katasztrófa közt

Magyar zsidó gondolkodás a Horthy-korban

Osiris Kiadó
ISBN 978-96-327-6249-4
Budapest 2014

The monograph Felvilágosult vallás és modern katasztrófa közt. Magyar zsidó gondolkodás a Horthy-korban analyses representative Hungarian Jewish intellectual publications of the Horthy era. It constitutes a first attempt to discuss in detail Hungarian Jewish interpretations of history and political platforms, images of tradition and identity options, apologias and self-critiques. It devotes significant attention to Hungarian Jewish publications still released during the years of the Second World War - until the catastrophe of 1944 - and explores what intellectual reactions were formulated to the anti-Semitic radicalization of the times. Through mapping the major themes, internal plurality and gradual transformation of Hungarian Jewish thought, the book makes an important contribution to Hungarian Jewish historiography as well as modern Hungarian intellectual history. Its results also help us paint a more comprehensive picture of the Horthy era.