Imre Kertész Kolleg Jena

Staff Publications

Special Issue RECEO Vol. 51, 2-3, Sept. 2020

Revue d’études comparatives Est-Ouest

editors: Raluca Grosescu, Laure Neumayer and Eva-Clarita Pettai

Transnational activism and the globalization of anti-communism after 1989

Presses Universitaires de France
ISBN 978-21-308-2345-2
September 2020/2-3 (N° 2-3)

The collection investigates how after 1989 the criminalization of communist regimes has turned into a global discourse and practice. From different angles the articles explore how different memory entrepreneurs from Central and Eastern Europe (CEE) mobilised transnationally and created strategic alliances in order to forge, legitimise and consolidate an international ethos that criminalised communism. The contributions focus on the circulation of ideas and the transnational cooperation between different world regions including CEE, Latin America, North America and Maghreb.